By Submitting This Form You Accept The Minecraft End User License Agreement

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This End User License Agreement (“EULA” or “Terms”) is a legally valid agreement between you and us (Mojang AB). The terms of this license set out certain rules for the use of the Minecraft Realms service (“Minecraft Realms”). We don`t like to read license documents more than you do, which is why we`ve tried to keep it as short as possible. If you don`t follow these rules, you can be prevented from using Minecraft Realms. If you use Minecraft Realms, you agree to abide by the rules of these Terms. If you don`t want or can`t accept these rules, don`t use Minecraft Realms. Please read, print and save a copy of these terms and conditions of sale of your documents, as a copy is not stored for you. When notifying problems, be sure to provide the details of the reproduction of the problem and the details of the problem. Please do not report any issues related to things that are part of the implementation of this library.

(These issues belong to CanaryModTeam/CanaryMod) If you`re not sure if it should be here or in the implementation, it`s probably an implementation issue and not a library issue (most errors are the result of a bad implementation or implementation) If you want to add a function, you can open an issue that describes the function you want to add and how it might be useful. If you come to us with a proposal for Minecraft Realms, that proposal will be made for free and we are not obligated to accept or consider it. This means that we may or may not use your proposal in any way, and we don`t have to pay you for it. If you think you have a proposal for which we would be willing to pay you, please do not let us know about your proposal unless you have first indicated to us that you would like to be paid and we have responded in writing by asking you to submit the proposal. This Agreement, together with blizzard`s other applicable agreements on Blizzard`s “Legal Documentation” page, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter of the Agreement and supersedes any prior oral or written agreements. In some cases, the full version of the games can only be played after you purchase a game license and add it to your account. The Global Play feature requires that some or all of the personal information you provided to Blizzard when registering your account be transferred to servers operated by Blizzard in the regions where you wish to play the game. By agreeing to participate in Global Play, you agree that Blizzard may transfer your data to Blizzard`s servers in each of the regions you choose to use the Global Play feature. . .