Calgary Co Op Union Agreement

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We can provide assistance and advice on issues such as long-term disability, pensions and other issues mentioned in the collective agreement. The new agreement covers more than 330 employees in the two distribution centres. The FCL and its union have been negotiating since the last collective agreement expired on March 31, 2018. The future of technology in our daily lives is essential and important for the survival of our Union. On Monday, Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) signed a new four-year contract with employees at two distribution centres in Calgary. More than 330 employees of the Home and Building Solutions Distribution Centre and the Food Distribution Centre, represented by Teamsters Local 987, voted 66% in favour of accepting FCL`s latest offer. Negotiations usually take months before an interim agreement is reached. Your agreement must be ratified by secret ballot with the majority of voting members before being signed and implemented. The UCCE can improve and develop the many achievements of our Union by making progress in the field of relations with external organisations. We can get results in: UCCE is your union in more ways than one. It works for you and it works because of you; from above and across the organization, your union is led by members like you. Although we concluded a major round of negotiations in 2001 with the ratification of your new collective agreement in July 2001, preparations must now begin for the future. If you have questions about your collective agreement, your employees, executives and representatives of the UCCE are your first line of information.

All UCCE members have access to one of the five full-time union directors, UCCE Business Agent, a designated representative/steward (s) in each centre. In this way, a concern that concerns members in a number of different divisions can have their problems dealt with by the same person. If a problem that has been brought to management`s attention is not resolved, your collective agreement provides for concrete steps to file a complaint with the co-op. Your employees/stewards are your lawyers and experienced and trained to process your claims in accordance with the claim procedure. Services The fight continues today as our union continues to face new challenges, while providing members with daily service, representation of complaints, workers` compensation, disability and pension information, training, counselling and representation of interests.