Cisco Webex Meetings Enterprise Agreement

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Unlimited access to the entire product range under each agreement offers the flexibility of multi-platform availability. The discount on the existing license eliminates the need to try to find the perfect time for the transition. Collaboration Enterprise Agreements` Cisco suite is the easiest way to use Cisco Unified Communications` wide range of products in the most flexible way. Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides an Enterprise-class IP call processing system. In addition to traditional telephony features, it offers advanced features such as video. Additional licenses for phone and video desktop devices in the common space and Cisco TelePresence Room licenses are available to customers who require licenses in excess of 50% of all Knowledge workers. In addition, essential licenses for analog devices and fax machines are included. Cisco Enterprise Agreement is a way for companies to consolidate all the licenses needed to use multiple collaboration platforms into a single contract. The Cisco Collaboration Enterprise Agreement can also be communicated as a “flexible plan,” so if you see this formulation, you will now be aware of its interchangeable nature. Agreements are the most flexible (no intentional pun!) in setting up AAs because of their ability to evolve to a minimum of 250 knowledge workers. This is valid for a period of 3/5/7 years. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) Cloud offers unified and unified enterprise-class communications and collaborations with the features and benefits of Cisco IP phones, mobile devices and desktop customers provided from Cisco`s Webex cloud. Cisco Webex Edge Audio is suitable for customers with a cloud meeting solution with a local call solution.

It offers an on-net trail (VoIP) for participants to participate in meetings from their existing IP phones, without the need to change their behaviour or training. Webex Edge Audio supports all Cisco Unified Communications solutions and delivers high-quality audio (broadband codec) and cost savings by bypassing the PSTN system.