Roam Like Home Agreement

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From July 1, 2020, maximum retail price surcharges apply (if roaming is not covered as at home, z.B. when the fair dealing policy arrives), including VAT, as follows in local currencies (data prices are updated annually on January 1): The same rule also applies to all calls or SMS you receive while you are abroad – you will not be charged for receiving calls or text messages while roaming, even if the caller is using another service provider. Roaming is the word used to describe your phone`s use while you are abroad. You “roaming” the moment your phone is recognized in an overseas network. The Trip-Roam program offers inclusive roaming at 71 sites. Mobile operators can apply a “fair dealing policy” to ensure that all mobile subscribers travelling within the EU have access to roaming rules and to benefit from roaming and at home rules (i.e. roaming services at national prices). This means that your mobile operator can apply fair, reasonable and proportionate controls to prevent customers from abusing the rules. After that, it will depend on the agreement that the British government has reached for us, but is crossing our fingers that we will go with a satisfactory roaming agreement. European mobile roaming rules, commonly known as Roam Like Home, June 15, 2017, regulation (EU) 531/2012 on roaming on public mobile phone networks within the EU (modified by the EU Regulation 2015/2120 on access Open Internet and the 2017/920 Regulation (EU) on wholesale roaming rules (together the Roaming Regulation) came into force on 15 June 2017. It sets out the rules on mobile roaming in the EU and effectively eliminates roaming charges for people who use their mobile services while travelling in the EU.

As part of its fair dealing policy, your operator can monitor and verify your use of roaming over a 4-month period. If you have spent more time abroad during this period than at home AND your roaming exceeds your domestic use, your operator can contact you and ask you to clarify your situation. You have 14 days to do it.