Over the year DJ Sukh has built up many fans, some of them have even shared a few words about his service, skill, or sound and lighting offerings. Take a read, if you have a testimonial you want to share, please share via email, comment via our FaceBook Page; Message us on Twitter; or leave a comment below.

Daksh SahniI’ve finally had a moment to breathe and wanted to thank you for playing at our wedding event at the Luxe hotel. All our guests were delighted at the mixes you played and everyone complimented the music that evening very much. Thanks for everything! We had a great night thanks to you.

– Daksh Sahni

Neil I never thanked you for DJ’ing my wedding at the Ritz in Marina del Rey on November 16th.  You did an incredible job and I’ve heard people almost every weekend, since the wedding, mention how great the music was.  The crowd had great energy on the dance floor and a lot of that had to do with the mix of music that was played.  Hope you enjoyed the wedding as well, despite having to work.  I’ll definitely refer you to anyone that’s looking for a DJ for an event.  Thanks again!

– Neil Vohra

Best DJ on the West Coast

– Vamshi Gumalapuram

We ended up hiring Sukh to DJ two of the events at our wedding and he absolutely knocked them out of the park – especially at the reception. We kept the speeches short and some performers who were supposed to get the party started didn’t show up, but Sukh took it in stride. The dance floor was packed from start to finish.

After all the congratulations, the first thing out of everyone’s mouth was “Who is the DJ?!”

If you are hosting an event – especially an Indian wedding reception – hire Sukh and he will be the linchpin making sure that all the money you’re spending on the rest of the party doesn’t go to waste, everyone has a good time, and people keep mentioning how awesome your reception was way after it’s all over.

– Manveer Sadhal

I really enjoyed listening to your mix. It contained a good mix of different music genres, beats, and showcased minor elements and unique details from the songs. I really dug when you mixed an electronic new wave 80′s song with a 90′s hip hop etc. I seem to be drawn to mash-ups of completely different music styles that have been tweaked such that they just flow well together. We also got to hear a little scratching and other modifications (i.e. dj skill), but they were presented in such a manner where the transitions and mix are still smooth, and flow.

I also really appreciated the fact that this mix actually showcased DJ manipulations, as opposed to just playing a few minutes of a song with a base in the background and then having a repeated formula for transitioning into another song, which plays as it normally would on a CD or radio edit, without any artistic expression and tweaking of the piece. I’m not impressed when I go to certain wedding receptions or related events, and there is a “DJ” that merely plays songs “as is”. If that is all they are going to do, then people might as well just play their I-Pod mix and forgo getting a DJ. In any event, it was refreshing to hear an entertaining and eclectic mix. Good job! Hope to hear more stuff soon!

– Sonal Thakur

Sukh displayed his awesome talents at a house party I had a few months ago. Many of my friends told me afterwards that they were impressed with how the songs were mixed and how they really enjoyed the music. Anyone who wants to be guaranteed a great time at their next party should definitely invite Sukh to spin – he’s also really good about taking requests and making sure to play music that you like.

– Rucha Tadwalkar

DJ Sukh Saved New Year’s Eve

– Sundeep Thinda on Seattle’s New Year’s Eve Bash

Hey Bro. Heard Your tracks. Just Blazin!! Love it!

– Chris Raj

I was one of two Aunties at Bhangra at the Park and we danced with the best of them, laughed, met new friends and this event really made my day. The Dhol drummers were excellent and the variety of songs had appeal for various tastes. I was able to commune with my inner Bolly-Bharat movie self!

– Lisa Rimland

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