Upwork Confidentiality Agreement

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As customers, are we really protected by confidentiality clauses? I would like to send some contracts to a person abroad that I can work on, but these are certainly private. Beyond these agreements, what mechanisms do we have to enforce or stop these confidentiality clauses? What can we do when someone insults him in another country? “TOP 1 Chinese Go-To Lawyer on Upwork” Message to me for a free call to find out what you need! Specializes in litigation and arbitration proceedings, NNN/ODM/OEM agreements, joint venture agreements, franchise agreements, licensing agreements, intellectual property, etc. Please note that only a Chinese lawyer is authorized to practice law in the Chinese court. More than 200 upwork jobs with 5-star ratings completed. Most online shared contract models are problematic and outdated, which does not correspond to their validity and applicability. I can guide you by contract on how you can avoid your business and legal risks in China… A confidentiality agreement is as good as the time and money you have to try to defend it. Otherwise, it`s pretty useless. Intellectual property and technology law advisor with more than 30 years of experience advising and advising clients, as well as developing and negotiating all kinds of technologies, patents, software and other intellectual property and commercial contracts agreements in global high-tech industries. Since I would outsource some of this work to an UpWork freelancer, they should also sign the same security and confidentiality agreement. Is that possible? This can help you a little: support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211063608-Can-I-ask-freelancers-to-sign-a-non-disclosur… As a translator, I have access to information on rents paid (and unpaid), disputes between sellers and buyers of a large number of goods, agreements on goods and intellectual property that will be sold in the future, etc.

You can ask an independent to sign an agreement for more protection and be adapted to the situation. However, please note that the agreement you have reached is exclusively between the freelancer and your company and is not enforced by Upwork. It means that the NDA makes no sense to me, because I would not tell people anyway, with or without agreement. If you hire me, you have absolute protection because I consider your privacy to be invivable, and I respect it even more than if you went to see a lawyer, doctor, therapist or priest. Try to find serious professionals who respect the fact that your information needs to be protected. I work mainly with start-up technology companies. I know that the ideas and intellectual property of a start-up are their main assets. Customer confidentiality comes first. I graduated from Harvard Law School and worked for three and a half years in a top 20 law firm in New York within the Acquisitions and Acquisitions Group. Since the beginning of my independent practice in 2020, I am the only buy-side lawyer in several multi-million dollar acquisitions.

I have worked on numerous agreements, including share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements and multi-million dollar Series A and B financings. I have also trained many legal entities, assisted in several partnership disputes and dealt with routine commercial contracts such as NAs. Experienced small business contract and contract lawyer (Inhouse Counsel for Software, E-Commerce and Chemistry Companies), IP Licensing, Trademark Patent, Copyright and Patent Negotiations, Employment and Other Business Issues. Projects to create and create securities for companies, LLC companies and related companies. Licensed to NY and USPTO (registration number 40,747) and soliciteur in England and Wales. This can be considered ATTORNEY ADVERTISING in NYS.